My Work in Sport Psychology
Burt Giges, M.D.

AASP, 1994, Lake Tahoe
Burt Giges and Sean McCann in the foreground
Exactly where they're supposed to be.
Photo and caption by Mark Andersen

Biographical Summary

~ Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology, Springfield College, MA.

Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.

Past-President, Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Special Consultant, Psychological Services Subcommittee,             USA Track and Field.

~ Listed in the 
US Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

Editorial Board of The Sport Psychologist.

~ Past Consultant to the Westchester Track Club, N.Y.

~ Past Consultant to Women's Track and Field Team at Springfield College.



~ AASP Keynote Speaker, 1995 (“How People Change”).

~ Conducted workshops at several universities on “Self-Awareness for Sport Psychologists,” and “Psychological Barriers to Performance Excellence.”

~ Past Director of Community Mental Health Services, Westchester Co, NY.

~ Past Board Member, Gestalt Center of Long Island, NY.

~ Private practice in psychiatry.

~ Trained in psychiatry at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, N.Y., and served on the faculty for many years.

~ Past team physician for a high school football program.

~ Past private practice in medicine.

~ Conducted medical research at The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, NY, and at the Walter Reed Hospital Research and Graduate School in Washington, D.C.

~ Received MD degree from New York University College of Medicine, graduated first in the class, and was elected president of the Honor Medical Fraternity.

~ Received bachelor’s degree from City College of NY, elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and graduated magna cum laude.

~ Past member of the City College Fencing Team.


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